About Us

The current board of BSNR consists of:

President: Prof. Gaëtan Stoquart

Vice-President: Prof. Kristine Oostra

Secretary: Prof. Yannick Bleyenheuft

Treasurer: Prof. Geert Verheyden

Members at large:

Dr. Miet De Letter

Prof. Daphne Kos

Prof. Eva Swinnen

Dr. Nathalie Vaes

Prof. Yves Vandermeeren

Since 2014

The BSNR was founded in 2014, driven by the initiative from Dr. Luc Van Calster who became the first BSNR president.

Sadly, shortly after founding BSNR, Luc Van Calster passed away. In his memory, BSNR awards every NNR congress the Luc Van Calster award to a person who takes initiative in driving collaboration between professionals and people in the field of Neurorehabilitation.

Past awardees are:

2015: Prof. Dr. Thierry De Barsy

2017: Dr. Carlotte Kiekens

2019: Prof. Emeritus Dr. Léon Plaghki